Dorkzone 2 Fanzine

Let me tell ya, back when I was a young Dork and we didn't have them internets in our pockets we used to communicate the stoke using fanzines!

"But what the frick-a-doodle is a Dorkzone fanzine?" I hear you ask.

Why it's a colourful collection of photos, art and interviews with your favourite dorks, all printed on fancy paper that you can hold in your hands. If you like any of the images don't double tap them, just draw your own love heart. Cut out your favourite pictures and stick them on your wall or keep the zine warm and dry in the cozy front pocket of Dorkzone Hoody and show it to your pals at your next skate sesh. Long live the Fanzine!

40 pages of rad!

Paper weight: 130g

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